24 July 2007

MultiNetwork - TuoTu 3.0.103 English Language File Update

Tuotu 3.0.103
Tuotu 3.0.103 Tuto 3.0.1x English Language File

Latest Changes:
- Torrent Status "No seeder" etc.. corrected

Updated English Language File 17. July 2007 at 22:00 GMT+7h
(Replace with the existent older lang_dll.dll in Tuotu Program folder)

- place holder space after ',' sign and after '(' and ')' corrected Example: test(test) should be-> test (test)
- some words/sentences shorted corrected to match in the Dialogues
- File Menu Main Window was the main focus for this update

Updated English Language File 15. July 2007 at 20:50 GMT+7h
(Replace with the existent older lang_dll.dll in Tuotu Program folder)

- spell corrections
- some words/sentences shorted to match in the dialog field sizes
- Preferences Menu was the main focus for this update and some phrase e.g. "Suspend Window" corrected to "Speed Bar", "Hybrid Source Details" which should be "Transfer Graph Detail", etc...

Download Language File: lang_dll.dll - Mirror - FileShare Hoster Mirrors

Download TuoTu: TuoTu 3.0.103 (2007.7.10) English / Chinese Direct Link: http://www.tuotu.com/install/TuoTu_3.0.103.rar - FileShare Hoster Mirrors

Kick and Ban BitTorrent user from upload and download (RIAA/MPAA) suspected Arcor IP Germany:

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Anonymous said...


i want to ask admin of this site if you could add a link to this new leecher community?

Anonymous said...

Best BT Client ever!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How to enable IP to country Flags?
I try copy:
to all folders but didn't work.

Is it possible to use ipfilter.dat???

Anonymous said...

A Java Chatroom 4 this site is possible. No links to any webservers, no Ip numbers sorry.
Some oldest may found some specific topics in unpacking Groups, thats not new. Results never will be here. No Leecher Community

Anonymous said...

..more script related places?!..

Anonymous said...

shoud be there

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