12 July 2007

eMule 0.48a XDP 0.7

eMule 0.48a XDP v0.7

Changelog v0.7

add complete new Prefsite with TreeControls
add complete new Upmanagement with better filtering
of clients and editable max Qr. for Upqueue
add UpNP from Xtreme Mod
add new Splashscreen
add Only up to eMule with switch
add Slotcontrol
add Winsock2
add XdP-Stats in Statistics
add Obfuscation Fix (Wizard)
add safe Cpu (Wizard)
add Don’t kill source if it’s the only one complet source (Sirob)
add Don’t kill client if we are the only one complet source (Sirob)
add many Fixes/Optimizations/Improvements
changed and optimize opcodes
updated Leechersecure
updated Spammer Ban
removed SafeKad
removed Kad Speed Optimization
removed official UpNp
removed old Prefsite
removed old Upmanagement

Changelog v0.6

add AntiNickthief (Wizard)
add Checkbox for Antinickthief
add Anti-XS-Exploiter (Xman)
add Checkbox for Anti-XS-Exploiter
add LeecherSecure (Spike2)
add Checkbox for Leechersecure
add Checkbox for Clientbantime
add Checkbox for Log Banevents
add New Emulations Code for non-Emule clients
add Checkbox for Emulate non-Emule clients
add Checkbox for Log Emulations
add Dropsystem (X-Ray/Sivka)
add New Prefssite for Dropsystem
add Log Drops
add Dropimmunity (Stulle)
add Upkick to QR
add Checkbox for Upkick
add Log UpKick
add QReta (Slugfiller)
add Correct AppIcons (JVA)
add EnhancedClientRecognization (Spike2)
add Safe Kad (netfinity)
add KAD Speed Optimation [netfinity]
add CorruptionBlackbox Fix (Xanatos)
add Fix for Offi Bug when checking for empty Userhash
fixed Bug in Software Column
changed XDP-Prefssite 1
changed/Optimize Reasktimes
change/Optimize ClientcleanUptime
changed/remove some Banstrings from Leechersecure
removed some Dazzlefeautures
removed unused Offi Code in Uploadqueue


Seba14 Edition (Splashcreen added and (new for emule) exe protected with Armadillo 4
For securety reason don´t use this version from lamer' s...14! You better wait till someone post the original cause the support-forum blog whole ISP ranges, bypass with proxy get access but there no links to download after registration.

To unpack/remove splashcreen ressource and clean up emule.exe to it's original XDP v0.7 try: Armadillo Dumper, ADM DebugBlocker, armkiller, Armadillo Process Detach, UnARM, ADM CopyMemII,... progress with OllyDbg 1.10, 32-bit assembler-level analyzing debugger + Plugins (Google "reversing" "reverse + Armadillo Unpack") Follow the search results in exe unpacking/reversing forums.
Some older unpacking tools all-in-one as first aid and preparation to scan files in unpacked conditions by http://www.virustotal.com/
(AntiVirus Programs may be unable to scan eXe Protected files as they do not have unpacking tools include and are unable by doing so. Most AV can just scan the memory by a active running file protected exe, dll, ocx,...)

A simple Dump can be done with: Multi Generic Dumper v.1.1 (C) 2006 by Snow Panther [Unpacking Gods] Download: MGD.ZIP
Google "dilloDIE 1.6" http://www.pediy.com/tools/unpacker.htm
pdump, import reconstructor etc.. www.cip-re.6x.to 2get this sh1t out!

ATTENTION! armadillo32.exe eXe Protector can freeze all running Processes and block all running Applications, new tasks include taskmanager by self. Use Windows in a virtual Environment to kill/remove Armidillo Protector from emule.exe!

Download Armadilled file (seba's edition): eMule 0.48a XDP 0.7.rar (2.76 MB) - Mirror
We are in distance for this Mod/File/Download links from seba14.org and do not stand in any combination with it!!! The Unpacking tools are freeware by them authors to download. It's only republished here.
Please don't spreed this Armilled emule XDP Version 0.7 untill a unpacked, clean edition is published!
It's done with this settings:
eMule 0.48a - XDP 0.7\emule.exe
- Protected Armadillo
- Signature = D058C018
Protection system (Professional) {warez Ed. lic.} - Debug-Blocker CopyMem-II - Fixed Backup Keys - Best/Slowest Compression

Download Original by umek (without 1st splashscreen): Link follow soon

The Original eMule 0.48a XDP 0.7 Contains only this Splashscreen:

Older Versions are original clean as it should be by umek:
eMule 0.48a XDP 0.6
eMule 0.48a XDP v0.5
eMule 0.48a XDP beta4
eMule 0.48a XDP beta2


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