27 September 2007

2DC v 0.3 rc1 - 2DC aka Sfecla DC by neo lode

The idea of a dc client fast reliable and bullshit free - 2DC v 0.3 rc1

A Great DC Client

Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/2dc/

2DC.zip 1.1 MB
SHA1 Checksum: 3b0c216a6cffc11da75d9b90270c6940ad9c7d2b

Tip: Use the SHA1 checksum shown to verify file integrity.

svn checkout http://2dc.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ 2dc

The same Developer wrote a usefull Inno Setup extractor GUI:

basic functionality and tasks are available so feel free to give it a spin and try to make it crash The app now runs on .net frm 2.0 and of course bring your own innounp.
Updated to transparently pass command line arguments to Innounp
Also if innounp.exe is missing it will now signal this not freeze.

Download link:

InnounpW rebirth second release
InnounpW.exe 56.0 KB
SHA1 Checksum: 4d490a968ee5b74e996a02e3f6a2df908e4c7cf7
Tip: Use the SHA1 checksum shown to verify file integrity.

svn: http://2dc.googlecode.com/svn/

With Inno Setup Unpacker Version 0.20 ( http://innounp.sourceforge.net/test020.rar )

innounp, the Inno Setup Unpacker. Version 0.20
Usage: innounp [command] [options] [@filelist] [filemask ...]
(no) display general installation info
-v verbosely list the files (with sizes and timestamps)
-x extract the files from the installation (to the current directory, also see -d)
-e extract files without paths
-b batch (non-interactive) mode - will not prompt for password or disk changes
-q do not indicate progress while extracting
-m extract internal embedded files (such as license and uninstall.exe)
-pPASS decrypt the installation with a password
-dDIR extract the files into DIR (can be absolute or relative path)
-cDIR specifies that DIR is the current directory in the installation
-n don't attempt to unpack new versions
-fFILE same as -p but reads the password from FILE
-a extract all copies of duplicate files


Gabriel "Lode" Rotar said...

Wow someone actualy took a look at my software :D

Anonymous said...

Very good DC client. Keep it up.

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