26 September 2007

Trial-Reset V3.0 RC9 (September 2007)

Trial-Reset is an registry cleaning tool. The main function of Trial-Reset is remove the keys generated by commercial and freeware protector. Trial-Reset not crack the program but only extend the Trial Period.

If packer / tread nagadil registry keys trial-run of this prog and see how it bash all those keys will. Indeed RTKF similar to but much funktsionalnee - zatsiklivaetsya not alone in Armagh.

Если пакер/протектор нагадил в реестре триал-ключами - запускай эту прогу и смотри, как она лихо все эти ключи найдет. По сути похожа на RTKF, но гораздо функциональнее - не зацикливается на одной только Арме.

Trial-Reset 是注册表清理工具. 该工具的主要功能是移除系统内商业软件以及免费软件程序保护壳所产生的试用信息及垃圾。

What's new v3.0 RC9 (Public):
-Added support for ProActivate 1.x
-Update ASProtect 2.x
-Added Plugin Icon

What's new v3.0 RC8 (Public): -Added support for NTkrnl Protector 0.x -Fixed junction loop -Fix Vista x64 bugs
What's new v3.0 RC7 (Public): -Added support for eXPressor 1.5x -Fix Backup command
What's new v3.0 RC6 (Public): -Added support for WinLicense (test only) -Fix ASProtect 1.2 bugs -Tested on Windows Vista Final
What's new v3.0 RC5 (Public): -Added Plugins support -Fix Armadillo 4.6x Bugs -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v3.0 RC4 (Public): -Fixed some incompatibility with Vista (Vista RC2 build 5744) -Fix error on clear EncryptPE -Fixed bugs on backup -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v3.0 RC3 (Public): -Update EncryptPE 2006.10.1 -Fix Armadillo Bugs -Minor changes
What's new v3.0 RC2 (Public): -Added support for STProtector 1.x -Updated support for ASProtect 2.3 -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v3.0 RC1 (Public): -Added support for ProtectShareware 1.x -Updated Protection Plus 4.2 -Fix Pause command -Fix ASProtect 1.35/2.2 Bugs -Added CommandLine Support -New interface options -Win9x bugs fixes
What's new v3.0 beta 5 (Public): -Added support for SafeSerial 2.x -Fix ASProtect 1.35/2.2 Bug -Added new function to protect key -New interface options
What's new v3.0 beta 4 (Public): -Added support for Xheo Licensing 2.x -Updated support for ASProtect 1.35/2.2 -Fix ORiEN Bug -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v3.0 beta 3 (Public): -Added support for ActiveMark -Added support for Enigma Protector 1.x -Native Api Bug fix (Loop) -Fix ICE-License 2.x -Added Date/Time Column -New interface options
What's new v3.0 beta 2 (Public): -Added support for ORiEN 2.x -Updated support for SDProtector 1.16 -Updated support for Obsidium 1.3x -Fix Armadillo 2.x Bugs -Fix ICE-License 2.x Bugs
What's new v3.0 beta 1 (Public): -Added support for ICE-License 2.x -Armadillo 4.x Private Bugs Fix -New jump to regedit and explorer -New Auto Backup -Native Api Bug fix -Fix ShareGuard Bugs -Fix SoftLocx Bugs -Fix Backup command
What's new v2.9 Beta (Public): -Updated support for Armadillo 4.x Private -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v2.8 (Public): -Bug fixes on SDProtector Delete -New Interface Options
What's new v2.7 (Public): -Added support for ZipWorx 3.x -Added support for Native Api -Added Tray icon
What's new v2.6 (Private): -Added support for EncryptPe 1.x/2.x -Added Drag and Drop support -Bugs fixes (crash windows)
What's new v2.5 (Public): -New commands load and save list -New command Add custom key -Some bugs fixes
What's new v2.2 (Private): -Added support for Sheriff 2.x -Update support for Armadillo 4.1x
What's new v2.1 (Public): -Added support for ExeCryptor 2.x -Added support for TrialCreator 2.x
What's new v2.0 (Public): -Update support for Obsidium -Fixed some Win9x Bugs -Added support for Thinstall 2.x -Minor bugs fixes
What's new v1.9 (Public): -Backup compatibility to Win9x -Improved user interface -Added support for VBOLock 4.x -Added support for SGLicense 5.x -Added support for ShareGuard 2.x
What's new v1.8 Final (Public): -Fix support for asprotect 2.x -Update support for armadillo 3.7x/4.x -Added support for Obsidium 1.2 -Added support for 1Way 5.x -Added support for NoCopy ocx 3.x
What's new v1.7 (Private): -Increase scan speed (+35%) -Changed User Interface -Update support for ExeShield 3.6x

Trial-Reset 3.0 RC9 Copyright © 2004-2007 The Boss

Download: Trial-Reset.V3.0.RC9.By.TheBoss.zip

include MSCOMCTL.OCX: Trial-Reset.V3.0.RC9.By.TheBoss - Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

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