30 September 2007

eMule 0.48a ShadowMule Mod v1.3 Beta by Tr0nYx

Changelog ShadowMule v1

[+]Kick Release Files after normal sessionmaxtrans
[+]Global Hardlimit
[+]ARGOS Antileech Class
[+]Update fakes, Ipfilter & antileech files @ StartUp
[+]undetectable Europe community (Tr0nYx/NightSky10, thxAugenzwinkern )
[+]New Systray Icon from Neomule
[+]Toolbar, statusbar+speedgraph from X-Ray Mod
[+]Funny Nick
[+]Chunk Dots
[+]Uploading + Downloading Chunk Detail
[+]Show Compression
[+]Wizards extented Statistics

Changelog v1.1:

[+]RelaxOnStartUp (X-Ray)
[+]CriticalPacketFix (X-Ray)
[+]Fadeout on Exit (Doesn´t work on Win Vista) (X-Ray)
[+]show splash on exit (X-Ray)
[+]BetterPassiveSourceFinding (X-Ray)
[+]CPU-Optimizer(not for Dualcore-CPU´s)
[+]Enhanced Client Recognization (Spike2)
[+]MaellaCodeFix @ ClientReqSocket(X-Ray)
[+]complete source fix(Wizard)
[+]new community(Nightsky10)

Changelog v1.2 Beta:

[-]Europe Community v2
[+]More Credit Systems
[+]Neo Score system
[+]NeoMule Stability Fix(Clientname is now a CString)
[+]Extended Credit Table Arrangement(XMan)
[+]Met Credits(Credits are calculatet otherwise so there is a new client.met called clients2.met, only for upgrading & downgrading modVersion)
[+]Send Silver Surfer v2.3 as ModString(only for getting Modstring from different mods i.e. emuleFuture)
[+]Send ModString "ShadowMule v1.2" to Community Clients
[+]show MinQr in downloadlistctrl(shadow2004)
[+]adjustable Slotnumber

Changelog v1.2 Final:

[+]SLS (XMan)
[+]SourceCache (XMan)
[+]show Remaining Time(Stulle)
[+]Show Downloadstate in color(Stulle)
[+]Show Download Time(Stulle)
[+]Show Known Since(Stulle)
[+]Show Last reask(Stulle)
[+]Automatic reload shared files(Stulle)
[+]Power Release + HideOS(Xman)

Changelog v1.3 Final

fixed some Bugs

Support BBS

Homepage: shadowmule.com

Download: ShadowMule v1.3 Beta.rar (2.56 MB)

Older VersionValued P2P Friends, be aware from the P2P Virii and Worms creators there:
and the folder up one level:

Some of this seems not to be harmless. AV may not found some new creations.


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