21 September 2007

WinRAR 3.71 - Final

Changes in Version 3.71:
1. Archive names in rar.log error log file always include the full path.
2. WinRAR tray icon is compatible with high DPI display modes.
3. If you modified a file in archive with encrypted names using an external editor, WinRAR will not ask for archive password again when prompting to update a file. It will use a password which you entered when opening an archive,
4. Bugs fixed:
a) switch -tl and "Set archive time to latest file time" option could fail in previous version. Sometimes they set archive time to current system time instead of latest file time;
b) if -ag switch mask contained archive number, month and minute characters, WinRAR placed 'I' character instead of minute value into generated archive name for archive numbers exceeding 1;
c) high ASCII names in ISO files using ISO 9660 format without Joliet format extension were displayed incorrectly;
d) WinRAR could crash when decompressing some of corrupt RAR archives;
e) if "Turn PC off when done" option was set in "Convert archives" command, WinRAR turned PC off after converting the first archive in selected group instead of after converting the entire group;
f) if user specified a non-existent destination path in SFX archive in Vista, SFX could enter into infinite "create new SFX window" loop;
g) WinRAR could fail to unpack an individual file from subfolder of ACE archive using the drag and drop.

Homepage: rarlab.com

Enabled editing of locked archives in WinRAR / DosRAR and Enabled read and write of illegal auth info in WinRAR, DosRAR, UnRAR
Here: wrar371developer.exe - Mirror - Mirror - Mirrors - Mirrors2 - Mirror3 - Mirror4
- DDL - SkyDrive -
old Version: wrar370_dev.exe - Mirror - SkyDrive

(Don't use FileDownloader service it hijack the webbrowser user agent string!)


Alex said...

There is good utility for work with rar files-rar archive checker,as far as i know it is free,tool can easily process corrupted files of RAR format, regardless of the cause of data corruption,works with all supported versions of Windows operating system, starting from Windows 98,can be installed on any PC, without regard to memory size, CPU frequency and other parameters,check RAR archive, start the checksum repair RAR ASAP, it increases your chances for successful recovery,check RAR archiver and program to check RAR file currupt or not automatically moves to the next step, when the analysis will be done.

Recon said...

Thank you I will test it. I use 7zip to extract rar files cause sometimes if subfolders are more than xxxx characters long in a rar archive the latest winrar won't extract it or only a part of it. Also 7zip can extract in most cases with winrar packed crc error archived files

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