15 September 2007

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.3 by Pretender

eMule v0.48a [EastShare v13.3]

eMule v0.48a EastShare 13.3
EastShare Mod Team: AndCycle, linekin, Pretender, TAHO, and special thanks to so8so.

      --= EastShare v13.3 Release =--
Changelog for eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.3 [09/14/2007]
based on [MorphXT 10.3]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 10.3 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]

Changelog for eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.2 [09/11/2007]
based on [MorphXT 10.2]

MERGED : Code Merged to MorphXT 10.2 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]
ADDED : Anti-leecher lists [Pretender]

Homepage English: http://pre-tender.myweb.hinet.net/index_e.htm
BBS Support

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.3
eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.3 更新記錄 [09/14/2007]
以 [MorphXT 10.3] 為修改基礎

整合:原始碼更新至MorphXT 10.3 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.2 更新記錄 [09/11/2007]
以 [MorphXT 10.2] 為修改基礎

整合:原始碼更新至MorphXT 10.2 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]
新增:防制吸血騾清單 [Pretender]

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13.1 更新記錄 [08/31/2007]
以 [MorphXT 10.1] 為修改基礎

改變:ed2k連結允許空白字元 [AndCycle]
修正:Fine積分系統修正並更新 [Pretender]
修正:剪貼簿中的ed2k連結錯誤 [Pretender]

說明:Fine積分系統新增 - 若未收到至少一個區塊,門檻將由四個區塊降為三個

eMule v0.48a EastShare v13 更新記錄 [08/07/2007]
以 [MorphXT 10.1] 為修改基礎

整合:原始碼更新至MorphXT 10.1 (eMule 0.48a) [Pretender]
新增:Clients.met保存期限 [Pretender]

自MorphKad 0.7開始,EastShare正式與Morph共同發展,ES的重要功能均已加入Morph中;
例如自官版0.43a開始,EastShare Mod已在官版eMule中留名。 :)

請各位能夠儘快更新,試用後請告知使用心得 :D

      1. 下載可執行檔(binary)解壓縮之後,將eMule.exe複製至eMule資料夾。
      2. ~/config/*.* 請複製至config目錄。
      3. ~/lang/zh_TW.dll 請覆蓋至 ~/lang 資料夾。

注  意:請妥善將 ~/config 資料夾中資料先行作備份;IE請更新至IE6以上版本。
     Microsoft Layer for Unicode on Windows 95/98/ME Systems (MSLU)

乾淨安裝:若是EastShare Mod安裝後極度不穩定,可嘗試乾淨安裝:
     將eMule關掉,~/config目錄裡只留cryptkey.dat, preferences.dat, clients*.met, known*.met;

:: 下載頁面 ::
HTTP 下載 >> http://eastshare.tk/
eD2k 執行檔 >> eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.3-bin.rar
eD2k 原始碼 >> eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.3-src.rar

:: 佈景/工具列下載 ::
>> http://www.team-webmaster.de/kadskins
>> http://onso.org/skins.html
>> EastShare 自訂圖示、佈景、工具列討論串

eMule v0.48a [EastShare v13.3] download:
>> binary (executable) eMule0.48a-EastShare_v13.3-bin.rar - Mirror
>> source (required to be compiled)


EastShare is not a leecher mod but a emule mod, as visitors known we collect all mods of p2p programs leecher and releaser mods include.


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