19 September 2007

BitTorrent 6.0 Build 4747 Final

BiTorrent v6 Build 4747 Final (Beta) Info:
Build: %X (%d) built on Wed Aug 29 14:48:03 2007 - (Compile DateStamp Not actualized)

What's new:
User-Agent: BitTorrent/6000

Final Branding

...more info later

No Setup BiTorrent Build 4747 FinalDownload installer: Dir (http://download.bittorrent.com/dl/?C=M;O=D)
BitTorrent-6.0.exe18-Sep-2007 17:06 853K

Caution! Installer contents dna.exe, the IE add on BitTorrentIE.2.dll and Firefox plugin npbittorrent.dll. By installation the addons are automatically with the client installed.

Here the File (installer) content unpacked so u can take from the installer archive just bittorrent.exe which do not need any other files same as by utorrent.

You are safe to delete the other files. Or extract the setup BitTorrent-6.0.exe by self, its 7zip sfx but do not run the setup if you don't want the second application on your system!

7zip Installer extracted with Universal Extractor v 1.6 Beta (This tool can extract up to all installer/setups and archives):

Download: BitTorrent-6.0-Build-4747-Beta.zip (783 KB) - Mirror - Mirror - more Mirrors

Unextracting the client by self (bittorrent.exe) required upx run with command promt -d (decompress) Result: bittorrent.exe
(If its PECompact or ASP other tools are required)
"Liberty instead of Fear": more than 15,000 participants

To check exe files and dll's how they are packed / protected use: exe info pe from

Homepage: http://www.exeinfo.go.pl/


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