30 September 2007

RapGet v.1.39 [21.09.2007] by Alexander Shiryaev

RapGet v1.39

RapGet 1.39 (RAPidshareGET) is a downloader with code recognition for such share servers as rapidshare, megaupload.com, slil.ru and others.

Advantages of RapGet:
- freeware
- small software (about 200 Kb)

Auto downloads from 67 free share services:
- many simultanious downloads
- multilingual support (48 languages)

Homepage: http://www.rapget.com


{ Rapget }
{ Description: }
{ * Rapget is a downloader with code recognition for such share }
{ servers as rapidshare.de, megaupload.com, slil.ru and others }
{ }
{ Version : 1.39 (21.09.2007) }
{ Author : Alexander Shiryaev }
{ WWW : http://www.rapget.com }
{ E-mail : rap#rapget.com }

v1.39 from 21.09.2007
[*] Fixed Premium and Free for Megaupload
[+] Added letitbit.net

v1.38 from 09.09.2007
[*] Fixed Premium for Filefactory

v1.37 from 08.09.2007
[*] Updated support of Premium accounts for Depositfiles

RapGet v.1.39 от 21.09.2007 (~ 200 Kb)
You need install SSL libraries for correct working with Rapidshare, download from: here or from mirrors

Mirror: rapget139.rar, (262 KB)

OpenSSL: 0.9.8e Lite: Win32OpenSSL_Light-0_9_8e.exe, (1189 KB) - Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

OpenSSL: 0.9.8e Full: Win32OpenSSL-0_9_8e.exe , (6,58 MB)
OpenSSL Source: http://openssl.org/news/
old Version: Win32OpenSSL-v0.9.6m.exe


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