12 September 2007

RasPPPoE 0.99 Beta - 0.98c

This is a PPP over Ethernet (short: PPPoE) implementation for Microsoft Windows®. PPPoE as a method for establishing PPP connections through Ethernet adapters is described in RFC 2516 and is used by many Internet Service Providers to allow authentication and maintain the familiar "dial-up experience" when connecting to the Internet through a broadband modem, mostly ADSL.

After the very successful and stable version 0.98b we now offer the new version 0.99beta which includes an AMD64 version for Windows x64 Editions, supporting AMD's AMD64 as well as Intel's EM64T CPUs.

Homepage and Readme: http://www.raspppoe.com/index.html

Version 0.99 Beta
32-bit release for x86 machines
AMD64 version for Windows x64 Editions, supports AMD's AMD64 & Intel's EM64T CPUs
64-bit release for Intel Itanium machines
Patch for 3Com modem users (only for the 32-bit release)

Version 0.98C


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