08 September 2007

VeryCD eMule 0.48a Build 0906 FINAL

VeryCD eMule v0.48a Build 070906 [2007-09-06]

eMule 遵循 通用公共许可证(GNU General Public License) 开发,任何人都可以永久免费安装使用,并且可以在符合 GPL 复制、散布与修改的条款与条件 下发布 eMule VeryCD 版。 GPL 协议简述。
Add sponsor Google Toolbar optional in installer
Add stable version of the anti-virus / P2P worm Donkey Protection
+ support Vista
* Performance improvement UPNP
* Transmission Optimization LowToLow
* Several procedural changes and the collapse of rigid procedures

eMule v0.48a Build 070906 稳定版 [2007-09-06]

Homepage: http://www.emule.org.cn/download/

Full Changelog: http://www.emule.org.cn/download/changelog.txt

Download Installer: http://download.verycd.com/eMule/eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070906-Setup.exe

Download Update: http://download.verycd.com/eMule/eMule-0.48a-VeryCD070906-Update.exe

Source SRC: eMule 0.47c VeryCD源代码 (ed2k链接)

see EmuleBT V1.40 Beta (eMule + BitTorrent) how it is possible to compile emule src + Languagepacks + default server + Webui + BT client + Program GUI as small as below 1,2 MB uncompressed with Visual C++ (upx compressed ~ 300 KB)


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