14 September 2007

eMule 0.47c - Off+ v2 Original

eMule 0.47c - Off+ v2
21 Mars 2007

-Le mod à était refait pour retirer les erreurs accumulées
-Optimisation of Drop auto
-Block Dropped src for 10 min (NNS & FullQ)
-Management of src KAD
-Send a Fake Rank during the NO-UP
-Percentage Client
-Send a random message to the ModThief and NickThief users (show in the log)
-Ban Community user (SNAFU)
-Some changes of no importance in "preferences.ini" (look stats - remove the date of the log)

-Emulate Settings
-AntiFakerank Setting
-fakeRank Setting
-"boost KAD & Sources Exchange" Settings
-All official fix

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.53
19 Decembre 2006

-Plus agressive que la version precedente
-Changement du nick par defaut (pour ne pas avoir de probleme avec l'AntiNickThief)

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.52
19 Decembre 2006

-New Rotation server
-Rotate server every 2 min during QuickStart
-New AntiNickThief & AntiModThief
-Modif Drop (HighQr is dynamic, Drop & ban Fake rank)
-Support UPnP

Fix emule-project:

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.51
30 Novembre 2006

-Special NickThief [gatchymule]
-Spammer-Ban v1.1 [gatchymule]
-Fix Reask Sources after ID Change [gatchymule]
-Option "No Up" in shared file list
-Update Emulate
-Add "Auto" in boost KAD & Sources Exchange
-Friends and Community in bold & color
-Drop are now automatic (inspiré et conseillé par Gatchy)
-Log Fake Community (in emulate)
-Reduction time of server Rotation: 11mn
-Update of all my settings
-Small modif in "About" ;)

-AntiNickThief & AntiModThief // Pourquoi ? demandez à gatchymule lol

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.4
11 Novembre 2006

-Fix bug Server Rotation

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.3
09 Novembre 2006

-Control slots (in "Upload management" option)
-Show in MSN
-Add "Ban User" and "UnBan User" in Client List
-Add "Ban User" in Queue List

-Modification of Boost Score QR
[from TheKillerbean SE (=> shadow2004)]
-Dont Remove Static Servers
-Source cache
-ModThief (TEST)
-QuickStart Auto

* in general:
if you have many sources, prefer “LOW”
if your processor works too much, prefer “LOW” or "OFF"

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 1.1
20 Octobre 2006

-Fix bug in Display of Reask manual
-Removed Max File Buffer Size: 3.5 Mo

-Add "Ask Server for New Sources" in Reask manual
-Add "Ask Kad For New Sources" in Reask manual
-Kick & Ban user from Upload
-*TEST* Optimization KAD --> Drop auto must be active
-*TEST* Optimization Source Exchange --> Drop auto must be active

eMule Off+ 0.47c
14 Octobre 2006

-Community eMul€€cheR [gatchymule]
-Random Modstring [gatchymule]
-System of reversed credit
-Modifications of Research
-Modifications of Reask
-Optimization of KAD
-AntiFakeRank + DiffQR
-Reask source (NNS et Full Queue) & client manual
-Ban spam senders
-Reglage IRC for: /join #eMul€€cheR
-Change Max File Buffer Size: 3.5 Mo
-Drop system auto & manual
-Save Load Source
-Boost Score QR
-No fake-rank for community and friends
-Boost friends (has priority on Boost score QR)
-Boost score community (has priority on Boost score QR)
-No ban friend
-Show QR in upload list
* Boost Score QR

eMule 0.47c - Off+ 2.0 original.rar | Mirror - Mirror - Mirror

Other Originals Mods:
eMule 0.48a AeOnFlux 0.8.zip | Mirror
eMule_0.48a_AeOnFlux_0.7.rar | Mirror
eMule_0.48a_-_XDP_v0.9_Final.rar | Mirror
Licokine2.rar | Mirror

thanks svk


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