15 September 2007

eMule0.48a StulleMule 5.3

eMule v0.48a StulleMule v5.3:
- 14.09.2007 -
based on eMule 0.48a MorphXT 10.3 compiled with vs2003 SP1

Changed: ASFU: Moved EndCall [Stulle]
Changed: AFSU: Reset when en-/disabled [Stulle]

Fixed: ASFU: missing alteration for shareSubdir [Stulle]

Homepage: http://stulle.emule-web.de/index.html
StulleMule mod


Latest binaries (v 5.3):
HTTP (SourceForge) : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.3-bin.rar
eD2k : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.3-bin.rar

Latest sources (v 5.3):
HTTP (SourceForge) : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.3-src.rar
eD2k : eMule0.48a-StulleMule_v5.3-src.rar

Language packages:
totranslate.txt (includes all strings differing from original)
German (v3.4)
Italian (v4.3)
French (v5.0)
Spanish (v5.2)

Download older versions of the StulleMule mod and language pack sources:
Source Forge mirrors


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