20 September 2007

eMule 0.48a Spike2 v1.2

Already again the last release is about 2 months ago… Time for a new release! After the last version was only “Interims Version”, this time it gives a release full-packed with new features, which were almost everything a feature Request… SCC, MassRename, automatic IP filter updates, “water level”, AutoHL, etc. Have much fun with the new release!!

Spike2 1.2
NOTE: As many people often mix things up, here I state it once and for all: Spike2-Mod IS NOT based on the emulefuture-Mod. The emulefuture-Mod IS NOT based on Spike2-Mod, either...!

ADDED : Added more AICH security checks and request AICH hashes only in case we don't have a valid hash, yet (by WiZaRd, from
the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Added PaddingLength to Extended preferences (Xman)
ADDED : Addon-Directory (by Shadow/WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod) -> Readded !!
ADDED : Automatic IPfilter-updates, incl. Update via ed2k (by Morph, WiZaRd and Shadow2004 - taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Automatic Shared files updater (by MoNKi, taken from ScarAngel)
ADDED : Better passive source finding (by Xman, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Cache UDP Search Results (by Slugfiller, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : CompatClientStats (is a nice AddOn to my EnhancedClientRecognization, by Stulle, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Copy feedback to clipboard (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod / requested by Teac2, vannelle, Crimson and many others)
ADDED : Don't overwrite .bak-files (by Xman, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Don't send empty directorys (by WiZaRd from the emulefuture-Mod)
ADDED : Extra-UserInfos in UploadListCtrl (from MorphXT)
ADDED : HashProgress (O2, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Inform queued clients after IP/ID-change (by Stulle, taken from StulleMule; modified by Spike2 to work without "Optimization
ADDED : LinearPriority (as part of SCC, by MoNKi, modified by Stulle and taken from ScarAngel)
ADDED : MassRename (from Morph, taken from ScarAngel / requested by Crimson)
ADDED : OnlineSig-Optimization (by JvA)
ADDED : Queued flush threads (by Xman, taken from X-Ray)
ADDED : Part-completion speedup (by BlueSonicBoy, taken from X-Ray-Mod)
ADDED : SCC - Smart Category Control (by khaos, SiRoB and Stulle, taken from ScarAngel / requested by Crimson and TreviSyn)
ADDED : Simple CleanUp (MorphXT, taken from ScarAngel - added as part of MassRename)
ADDED : WiZaRd's AutoHL (=AutoHardLimit, taken from the emulefuture-Mod, Thanx @ WiZaRd for pointing out my stupid typos in the prefs !)
BUGFIX : AICHSyncThread - prevent crash when shutting down (by Xman)
BUGFIX : As usual many small optimizations from various mods (i.e. Morph, emulefuture, X-Ray, Xtreme ...)
BUGFIX : Changed some functions in otherfunctions.cpp (by WiZaRd from the emulefuture-Mod)
BUGFIX : CheckDiskSpace-Fix (by Slugfiller, taken from X-Ray)
BUGFIX : CorruptionBlackBox-Fix (by Xanatos, taken from ScarAngel)
BUGFIX : CrashFix in sockets.cpp (by Maella, taken from X-Ray)
BUGFIX : Do not ask exit from command prompt (by XMan)
BUGFIX : DoubleLucas (by Slugfiller, taken from X-Ray)
BUGFIX : FixConnectionCollision - added some more code (taken from X-Ray)
BUGFIX : (Hopefully) Fixed SourceCache (thanx to JvA)
BUGFIX : IP2country small fixes (by WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Loop-improvement in CListenSocket::Process (taken from X-Ray, original by WiZaRd)
BUGFIX : Optimization in DownloadQueue (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
BUGFIX : PeerCache-Bugfix in StatisticsDlg (by Xman)
BUGFIX : Quickfix against division through zero in Taskbar Notifier (Xman)
BUGFIX : Reload shared files on filenotfound exception (Xman)
BUGFIX : SafeHash compatibility fix in KnownFile (by Xman)
CHANGED: eMulePlus is informed instead of reasked after IP-change, too (Spike2 - I read e+-sources and saw that they can handle an
"inform", too - so we can save the reask here!)
CHANGED: Rearranged the Mod-Prefs :) (Spike2)
CHANGED: ULS - removed typo (thanx to trax69)
UPDATED: Dynamic Block Requests (some changes, partly due to PartCompletionSpeedUp, taken from X-Ray / Original by netfinity &
UPDATED: Major update of the SLS-code (by WiZaRd, taken from the emulefuture-Mod)
UPDATED: Some small changes in ReadBlockFromFileThread (by SiRoB, taken from X-Ray)
UPDATED: TabbedPrefs (Original by TPT, taken from X-Ray-Mod) to "Reworked TabbedPrefs" by shadow2004 (from the emulefuture-Mod)

Download Spike2 Mod -Binary & Source- @eMuleFuture


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